Acura Performance Features

How Acura Vehicles Outperform the Competition

When you're ready for the ultimate driving experience, you'll want to purchase or lease a new Acura model from Hendrick Acura. This popular automaker stands out in the automotive industry by creating their vehicles with the utmost attention to detail, especially when it comes to performance features. Each Acura car and SUV delivers thrilling driving dynamics and extreme power under the hood, resulting in an exciting time behind the wheel.

Our team at Hendrick Acura can't wait to tell you more details about Acura vehicles' performance features. Below, you'll find some highlights of how Acura manages to produce such exhilarating vehicles and why you should make your next automotive investment a new Acura car or SUV.

Innovation is Key

One way that Acura ensures that their vehicles continue to wow drivers is by focusing their efforts on innovative performance features. Acura models come with performance qualities that you can't find on other cars and SUVs by consistently striving for innovation. For example, Acura engineers saw a way to utilize and improve hybrid technology, which resulted in dynamic handling, instantaneous acceleration, all-wheel-drive stability, and added fuel efficiency.

Another shining innovation from Acura is the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. This drivetrain expertly distributes power to each wheel for a unique all-wheel-drive system that's unlike other drivetrains on the market. The Precision All-Wheel Steer is another cutting-edge performance feature from Acura that adjusts the rear wheel tow angles independently for more stability and more precise steering.

Engineering and Performance Advancements

Acura engineers have made many advancements to improve your time on the road. Here are some highlights of the cutting-edge performance improvements from Acura:


  • Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control: This performance feature works to produce more horsepower by advancing valve timing relative to the engine's RPM.
  • Dual Clutch Transmission: Acura's Dual Clutch Transmission shifts smoother and more efficiently than other automatic transmission found in rival vehicles, which better optimizes the engine's power.
  • Variable Cylinder Management: To increase efficiency on Acura V6 engines, this performance enhancement runs only three of the six cylinders when commuting on the highway.

Chassis and Handling

  • Agile Handling Assist: This feature sends brake power to individual wheels to help you smoothly and easily follow your desired path by helping maintain control and confidence on corners.
  • Active Damper System: The Active Damper System adjusts to the road and specific driving conditions every few milliseconds for optimum performance.
  • Advanced Drivetrains: As mentioned above, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive and Precision All-Wheel Steer systems contribute to Acura vehicle's outstanding performance in multiple ways.

Body Structure

When you drive a new Acura car or SUV, you can trust that you'll be protected in the case of an accident as these vehicles are made with certain materials in a certain fashion that increases durability. These vehicles are also designed to be more aerodynamic, improving the overall performance.

The Importance of Testing

While Acura spends a lot of attention and time on designing their vehicles, they also put a lot of emphasis on the testing phase. Acura vehicles are put through extensive testing to ensure they meet the brand's high standards and expectations. From running them through deep snow to traversing sandy hills, Acura models undergo strenuous testing so that they're ready for any driving situation and ready to perform at high levels for a long time.

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